Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where is My "Stop Anxiety At the Party" Plan?


I have just realized that the party I mentioned getting so ultra confident for is coming up pretty quick! Remember how I want to go and not be plagued by anxiety constantly like I usually am?

I am not anywhere near prepared!

I have got to get into high gear with great conversation topics and strategies and ways to relax and BE ME while I am at the party.

This is time to research and get advice.

I will post everything I find out here --- everything I am able to find out from popular party divas and hostesses and from plain old research.

Please send me advice.

How do you stay relaxed in social settings, how to you speak to others so that you hold their attention, how do I meet new people with ease and not go into complete panic if I have no one to talk to for a few minutes....


  1. anxiety can be so HARD to deal with!! i go into anxious situations with some quiet deep breaths. you can do some deep breathing Anywhere, so it's like a magic cure for me in the moment. in social settings i have a go-to question for everyone i meet, which is "so, what's your story?" it's so fascinating to see what people choose to share as their story. from there i can just be curious and fascinated, which helps the conversations flow. and if things ever get awkward, i just call it out. "mingling can be so awkward can't it?" usually the other person responds with a huge sigh of relief and suddenly things feel easy.

  2. I used to be really self-conscious at parties. I'm naturally quite shy and I never really knew how to start conversations with people. Lately, that's become much easier though. I go into every party or social interaction with the goal of making other feel good. I ask them questions about themselves, and when in doubt, you can ALWAYS talk about food. And I LOVE Kim's go-to question. I think that's brilliant. Just remember that you're a fabulous person, be sweet and inquisitive, and you'll have no problems. That said, it takes some practice too, so keep doing it.

  3. Hi Kim and Brandi!
    Thank you so much for your suggestions on how to relax and interact successfully at social events. I really appreciate your ideas, and will put them into my plan for this upcoming party. Thanks!