Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fear Anger Panic and Rage - not the best day!

Some days are good days, some days feel really bad!

Today I am angry, anxious, fearful and panicky for no reason I am aware of.

I took a hot shower for a full 70 minutes in an attempt to blast out the anxiety and panic and rage that is exploding from me. It didn't work.

I am tired of losing good days to fear. I need some kind of help to get myself back. I don't want to waste my life afraid to do anything. Agoraphobia, panic attacks, anxiety - who needs them?

Now self disgust, guilt and saddness are waiting for me.

What is wrong with me I have to wonder. Why does this happen?

Sorry I don't want to bring others down - just venting I guess :(

1 comment:

  1. I feel like I need a really consistent frame of mind if I am to bypass anxiety symptoms and live my life. I have to be aware of the anxiety as it is happening and have alternate plans in place besides just responding to the emotion, and then I need to follow through with those plans just so I can get moving with the day/spite the emotion. Of course no one really wants to go out and experience things from a bad state of mind so it's hard to do this. It's easy to wait for the go ahead from our emotions but it's about how much control we really want from our lives (?)