Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Become An Exciting Person - Part 2

I have been doing a little research on this topic since I last posted, searching the internet for ideas, asking regular people for their opinions and seeking out expert scientific studies.

I have found so much information that I will need to write not just this "part 2" but also several more sequels to the whole story! This is good news for those of us who are socially phobia, insecure, or feeling just plain boring!

A great place to start was in defining the goal -- what exactly is an exciting person?

Here is a summary of what I found.

An exciting person:

  • is someone who is not just enjoyable to be around but someone you really look forward to seeing

  • always has something interesting to talk about

  • whatever they talk about they seem to do with passion

  • always seems to have many things on the go in their lives

  • is confident

  • is interested in you too!

  • draws you into their feelings of excitement

  • is adventurous

  • has stories to tell that are captivating

  • has a passion for something

  • sometimes has a great sense of humor

  • initiates activities and get others interested in joining in

  • is bold and not afraid to express their opinion

  • is unique

  • is proud of themselves but also vulnerable

  • connects with others

  • is someone you wish you could be like

  • always has something to say that isn't boring and listens too

  • has lots of friends

  • spends time doing things with others

  • doesn't seem to worry too much about what others think

  • knows everyone around them either loves them or will once they get to know them

  • inspires others

  • some who lights up the room when they enter

  • is happy

  • is optimistic

  • the party doesn't start until they arrive

These came from a wide variety of sources, but together they paint quite a picture. It also shows I have a long way to go. But at least I know where I want to be.

And yes all you exciting people who happen to be reading this list and cringing - I do know that just by the fact that I am making this list and am so pitiful for actually having to make this list that I have excluded myself from the realms of the exciting -- but not for long -- just wait! LOL

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