Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Rid Of Fear

There are several things I have found are effective in getting rid of fear - for me anyway.

Ironically, the biggest one is to not actually feel so uncomfortable with it and fear it so much.

If I let myself be okay with feeling anxious it is easier to stop feeling so panicked!

I find that it is when I start in with that old mindtape of what a wimpy person I am , how I am wasting my life being afraid constantly, how others are braver and better than me, how I am failing again because I am probably going to have another panic attack that things go straight downhill fast!

Part of getting rid of fear is actually accepting fear.

Ok, so I feel afraid now and even often - it's not such a big deal - and it will go away eventually too.

And if I don't feel like its the end of the world cause I am in panic mode again, it doesn't seem to have such a strong hold on me.

Getting rid of fear is something that seems to automatically happen when I let myself just let go and trust myself and the world around me. I will be ok no matter what happens.

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