Monday, January 31, 2011

Drowning in My Own Bad Gene Pool

Is anxiety inherited or is it determined by environmental factors? Was I born this way or is it just a result of dysfunctional family upbringing, bullying and teasing at school and other traumatic events?

Most scientists would say it is a combination of both. And of course these factors can be difficult to seperate. Those who are genetically related often also share the same environment.

Most researchers believe that a person can inherit a predisposition to anxiety or other condition, but that often certain environmental events are necessary to actually result in a full fledged disorder.

Some people have inherited a genetic shield that protects them from the onslaught of cruelty, disappointment and trauma a person can face at times in their lives.

Others have inherited a protective coating so weak that even the slightest touch wounds them.

In my family I am the only one who is not on some form of medication for mental or emotional issues. From depression to anxiety, from autism to ADHD we seem to have it all.

And yet I still wonder if I can stop the progress of this bad blood to the next generation.

If I have any hope at all it will be to transform myself so that I can be an example, a model of how to not let anxiety, self doubt and depression ruin your life.

I have a long way to go.

I need to rise above and fight this thing that has such a hold on me.

I really need some help!

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