Monday, February 21, 2011

Change your thoughts and you change your world

Today's title is a quote attributed to Norman Vincent Peale.

"Change your thoughts and you change your world".

I have seen this truth in action so many times over in my own life and in the lives of others.

I am sure you as well can think of people who seem trapped in their own bad thoughts about themselves.

I have a friend Jonathon who is miserable and afraid almost all the time. He is so down on himself and his abilities. He hates his job and dreads going to work each morning. All day at work he is in misery and is consumed with thoughts of how terrible his work is and how it is so ill suited to him.

But he is afraid to look for another job. He is terrified that no one else will have him. He is sure his skills are out of date and that there is nothing he could contribute to a new employer. He is fearful to leave and miserable to stay.

He has been like this for 10 years.

What a waste!

Trapped in a job he hates and too frightened to even think about leaving - too down on himself to try anything new.

Of course as outsiders we can all see that his depressed thoughts and miserable attitute cannot be helpful in impressing any new employers or even his current one. How well do you think he would do in an employment interview feeling so down on himself?

I often wish -- if only he would change his thoughts! If only he would pause his thoughts of misery, fear, anxiety and despair and look at what is good in his life. Find something positive to think about, get out of his rut and get self confident and go do something!

Just imagine what could happen in Jonathon's life if he were to change his thoughts - wow how his world could change! And it seems so obvious and easy for me looking in at his life from the outside!

So .......

I also think this about myself. Change those negative, anxious, bad outcome, fearful, worried, panic thoughts to....

Thoughts of confidence, letting go, peace, relaxation, assertiveness, and bravery. Thoughts that things will be okay, I can do this, it will be fine!

I don't need thoughts that make me feel worried, afraid, anxious or fearful.

I need thoughts that make me feel confident, bold, and brave. I need thoughts that make me feel like I belong here. Like I own the world. Not like I am some unwanted scavenger.

I need to focus not on being less afraid or less anxious.

I need to focus on being more bold, more confident, more enthusiastic, more adventurous.

How might my life change if I did this? My world would certainly be a different place!

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