Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Ways to Relax - My Favorites

Finding the best ways to relax are a top priority for me, seeing as I am always plagued by some form of anxiety! And in my case in particular I need methods I can use at home to chill out, and others I can use on the run if I feel a panic attack coming on!

Here is my list of my favorite best ways to relax:

1) Exercise: One of the things I have found to be most effective is to create a foundation of calmness by being sure to go for a walk each day. The problem is I don't always do this. I find it easy to skip if the weather isn't perfect or if I have a really busy day with errands or work. I always pay for this decision later though. If I don't exercise I find that my background state of emotion is always more anxious - giving me a "hair-trigger" response for extreme anxiety or panic attacks!

2) Yoga: I love yoga because it seems to have a relaxing effect on my body as well as my mind. There is something about the yoga poses and the stretching of your muscles that seems to relax my mind. Or maybe it's the calming music in the background? Not sure but yoga is definitely one of my best ways to relax!

3) Music: I find that music seems to have a direct link to my emotions. It seems to bypass the thinking part of my brain and go straight to how I feel. Certain tunes can make me instantly happy, others make me tearful, and others imbue a great sense of calm. Some classical music works especially well for inducing relaxation.

4) Self Hypnosis: Another method I find really effective is self-hypnosis. I use this before I go to sleep. It is a great way to wind down after a busy day. I find it super easy to do and over time I can tell it is helping me to quiet my mind. The biggest benefit though seems to be that I can use some of the key phrases I have heard during hypnosis during the day to instantly relax myself on the go! For sure one of my best ways to relax!

Now you've heard mine. Tell me, what are your best ways to relax?


  1. I'm all for #3! I love music so much. It does all sorts of good things to me, so there's never a second that I don't have earphones in my ear. Every Sunday, I take one of my herb vaporizers, put lavender in it, and smell the aroma produced by the device to calm my body. It's my ultimate relaxation habit.

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