Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anxiety Attacks Symptoms

Anxiety attacks symptoms can vary from person to person but I have listed the most common ones below:

  • speeding heartbeat

  • breathing too fast

  • feeling sick to your stomach

  • shaking or trembling

  • pale face OR blushing

  • racing thoughts

Many people also report having thoughts of catastrophe or even a suddenly blank mind.

Having an anxiety attack is something that can come on when you are in a situation where you feel unsure about what to do , or in a situation where you have previously had a traumatic experience.

My own anxiety attacks symptoms most noticeably involve my chest and abdominal region. I can feel my chest tighten and sometimes even experience mild chest pain.

The most pervasive sign of an anxiety attack for me is this feeling of cold dread deep in my stomach. And then my legs and arms start to shake. My legs will feel rubbery and cold and although they are perfectly functional they feel like I can't move them correctly.

Noticing anxiety attacks symptoms seems to make them worse, it is as though I am worried about something, then I start to feel worried about how anxious I am getting!

Actually even writing about it isn't so great!

Got to go -- talk to you later!


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